Blockchain solutions for financial institutions & central banks

The MonetaGo Platform

Simple integration and management of blockchains

Configure. Deploy. Administer.


Integrate. Interact. Analyze.


Platforms. Contracts. Modules.

MonetaGo’s product suite is a complete toolset which makes it easy for financial institutions to get started with intra and interbank payments on private permissioned blockchains that are owned and operated by the participants.

MonetaGo Manager provides the ability to configure and deploy private blockchains with tools for administration and governance.

MonetaGo Connect is highly configurable for interoperability with existing real-time payments and settlement systems and core banking systems.

With MonetaGo Marketplace, all additional use cases become possible such as eKYC, trade finance, information settlement, and cross-border payments.


Simple blockchain integration with financial systems

MonetaGo works with financial institutions and central banks around the world to implement private permissioned blockchain solutions.

One of the problems facing the banking sector today is the lack of clarity in the rapidly developing blockchain technology landscape.

MonetaGo will help you find the appropriate solution and quickly develop production level systems that can be seamlessly integrated without requiring extensive or expensive changes to existing infrastructure.

Once these solutions are in place, the additional functionality and various use cases can be deployed in a limited time frame with no risk to existing systems.

Launched in 2014, the MonetaGo team provides a complete framework from strategy and design to deployment and support.

  • Secure

    Proven cryptography

  • Scalable

    Cope with any volume

  • Flexible

    Adaptable for any use case

  • Resilient

    No single points of failure


The Team

Headquartered in NYC, with subsidiaries and regional directors in eight countries around the world, the MonetaGo team are successful and seasoned entrepreneurs with expertise in engineering and development, financial services and capital markets, architecture and strategy, and legal and compliance.
Jesse Chenard
Jesse Chenard
Chief Executive Officer
Jesse leads MonetaGo’s vision and strategy while flying around the world meeting with financial institutions and central banks. With multiple successful exits including Tremor Video (NYSE: TRMR) and Image Space Media, Jesse is the definition of an unstoppable serial entrepreneur.
Patrick Manasse
Patrick Manasse
Legal & Compliance
Patrick ensures MonetaGo is compliant with regulations in countries all around the world. He is an attorney and member of the New York Bar who has focused much of his career on a cross-border commercial transactions. Patrick holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from McGill University as well as an MBA and Juris Doctor.
Tad Davis
Tad Davis
Tad is in charge of MonetaGo’s marketing and communication efforts. As Creative Director at both NASDAQ and Prudential Securities he assisted with the IPOs and launches of countless companies. MonetaGo is Tad and Jesse’s sixth company together.
Brendan Taylor
Brendan Taylor
Brendan engineers MonetaGo’s data and blockchain solutions. Coming from one of Europe’s largest hedge funds, he managed the execution of a quant fund with over a billion USD AUM and built automated forex trading systems from the ground up. Brendan holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics from University College London.
Rob Flowers
Rob Flowers
Rob manages and coordinates MonetaGo’s developers. He has held leadership positions over the last 20 years at financial institutions such as UBS, Point72, and PiperJaffray. His expertise is in managing the development and deployment of mission critical systems at scale. Rob has a Bachelor of Arts from Duke University.
Jeff Blumenfeld
Jeff Blumenfeld
SVP Sales and Business Development
Jeff is responsible for developing meaningful customer relationships and collaborative partnerships around the world. He has held leadership positions over the last 30 years at financial institutions such as JP Morgan, American Express, Morgan Stanley, GE Capital, and MasterCard.
Matt Rodier
Matt Rodier
Business Development
Matt builds and maintains MonetaGo’s relationships with financial institutions. His background is in financial services and alternative investments. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Legal and Policy Studies from Fordham College and a Juris Doctor from New York Law School.
Atul Khekade
Atul Khekade
Managing Director, India
Atul’s focus is the operations and developments in India. As an entrepreneur and financier, he designed a global distribution system for the aviation industry and was most recently involved in a $1 billion real estate township project.

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